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Juan Alberto Gonzalez Galan

Senior 3D/2D Artist

3D Modelling | Animation | Concept Art | VFX | Game Design

My main focus is producing graphic assets for games, like: icons, characters, vehicles, buildings, vfx, etc.

I am currently working as a Graphic Designer at Bytro Labs in Hamburg (Germany), where I produce ASSETS for a strategy MMO Games.


Supremacy 1914 (Revamp)

Supremacy 1914 (revamp)

Bytro Labs 2018

My last project for Bytro Labs.
Update the graphics from the old project to more nice and 3d realtime game.


Blitz Command


Prototype. Only tested in Polnish market

New World Empires


Online Stragegy Game Based on colonial times. Create content like characters, icons, maps, etc.



My first "Casual Game". Co-partner of Grindel MOB Games.

Call of War


Online Stragegy Game Based on the WWII theme. Adapt the Layout style. Create characters, icons, maps, etc.

Thirty Kingdoms


Online Stragegy Game Based on a fantasy medieval theme. Create the map for the game. Port the graphics to the game.

Supremacy 1914


Online Stragegy Game Based on the WWI theme. Upgrade the province view and other suff related with new features.

Topia Island


City Building game. My tasks create assets like buildings, units, animations, icons... Working as intership.


  • “Juan was probably one of the best 3d intern and nowadays he is the best (junior) artist I ever managed in my career. He is really passionate by the work of 3d artist and also with 2D illustrations, he's extremely talented, he learns extremely fast, and bring a lot of knowledge . He's a decent and kind person, any team would love to work with him.

    I would hire him immediately if I could.”

    Robert Luehmann
    Freelancer at vier-raum
  • “This guy is very skillful and has a good eye for design and is a very passionate worker, enjoys his artistic job 24 hours and extremely responsible, he is very humble at work and keen on learning new things all the time.

    He was a great help in my starting career, I really enjoyed working with him, he was easy-going, cooperative, hard-working, and we had a lot of fun in the after-work life.

    I wish him to get an artistic job that would involve all his talents!”

    Daria Adamitskaya
    3D Artist in Creative Assembly


I'm Juan Alberto González Galán a Senior 3D/2D Artist.

I have knowledge in 3d modeling and sculpting, texturing, rigging and skinning and some skills in animation. And yes, i am awsome programing in Unity.

I am currently working as a Graphic Designer at Bytro Labs in Hamburg (Germany), where I work on 3D rendered assets like buildings, units and environment, for a strategy MMO Games. And work in my free time in my own co-funded company Grindel MOB Games with my friends (Actually closed).

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Skype: jagoska_designer
Phone: +49 015227179345

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