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About me!

I'm Juan Alberto González Galán a Senior 3D/2D Artist.

I have knowledge in 3d modeling and sculpting, texturing, rigging and skinning and some basics skill in animation for games. Of course, everything always starts with some drawings and some concepts. And yes, I can develop basic games in Unity.

I currently work as a Graphic Designer at Bytro Labs in Hamburg (Germany), where I work on the complete process of creation and production Assets like characters, vehicles, buildings, environment, icons, ui, vfx and other stuff for MMO Games.

I have a long experience with 3D Max and Blender, Photoshop and Illustrator (and others programs for Graphic Design and Game Development). Knowledge of the 3d the industry standards for software is constantly changing, but in my House, I use Blender, MyPaint, Krita, Inkscape, and Sculptris. Be Free.

If you like my style, I am always interested in offers for work, as a concept artist too, I love creating, if you do too then get in touch.


Graphic Designer

Bytro Labs GMBH  2012-Current

Start as intership and jump to Graphic Designer.
Creation of content for game worlds, characters and other game-subjects.
Visual composition for game design.
Controll all graphics style of all games from the company.
Design of websites, newsletters and other graphics for online usage.
Advertising material: like banners and video trailer.

Lead Artist and CO-Funder

Grindel MOB Games  2015-2017

Create 3d models, texturing, rigging and animate the main Character.
Creation all content for the game: environment, second characters, assets and other game-subjects.
Programming material shaders.
And create advertisement material

Internship Artist

Ditigal Jokers  2010-2011

Creation of content for game worlds, characters and other game-subjects.
Programming with unity some scripts and shaders.


Master in Programing and Design Videogames

European University of Madrid

Acquired Skills:
3D Modelling, Animation and Programing in Unity

Bachelor in Arts

Complutensis University of Madrid

Acquired Skills:
Graphic Design, Digital Art, Scenography Design, Object Design, Drawing, Painting and Sculpting.

External Links

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Email: jagoska.art.design@gmail.com
Skype: jagoska_designer
Phone: +49 015227179345

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